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Welcome to Sand Doodz Puppies

Discover the joy of bringing home an adorable doodle puppy from Sand Doodz Puppies. As a home-based small-time breeder, we take pride in providing safe and healthy puppies to loving families. Our puppies are lovingly cared for, ensuring they are happy and well socialized. With a clean and safe environment, we create the perfect setting for our puppies to thrive. Find out more about our furry friends below.

Beach Waves


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a home based Husband and Wife team working our way towards a small, health and safety focused site with both rescue and breeding services. Right now we work out of our home, caring for our puppies by hand every day. Each litter is carefully planned, cared for, and loved. 

Sand Dunes

The Litter 2023

Available now!!

This lovely litter includes 7 puppies! Four male, three female. This litter includes a mixture of fur types and colors. See the cuties below!

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Sandy Beach

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